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An Important Information From GES To All Teachers. Check Out The Details.

The Ghana Education Service had spelt out the records in Ghanaian schools. Since schools are managed and controlled by the teachers in the country, a very good and important information has been brought out to them to own the merit of knowing these records.

These records are there to facilitate the work of teaching and learning for both the teachers and learners in the school.

It is with this reason as a researcher I would like to present to our hardworking teachers these record books for the good understanding of teachers since it is very important in the teaching profession.

1. General Records. These basically are made up of the general information about the school's calender, log book, admission withdrawal books, amongst others. The school's administration gathers all these facts or information in order to easily direct them to perform a good and effective role when the need arises.

2. Financial Records. these contain all the financial information in the school, and it is actually about the free collection of abstract registers of fees, bill register pf donations, as well as scholarships.

3. Educational Records. These in particular cover the documents of all educational plans and schedules for all activities in the school. It again makes up of documents, such as pupils and teachers' timetables, teachers' monthly programmes of work and cumulative records.

4. Equipment records. These contain the number and accounts of properties owned vy school. Examples are stock book of appliances, furniture and school appliances, library catalogue, records on registered books and magazines issued books.

5. Account books. This is about cash issues. It could be the cashbooks for daily expenditure spent for anything in the school, or any other expenses involved in school's project.

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