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Death of Edward Duut, a teachers' take

I followed a news item on Citi Tv on Thursday, September, 23, 2021, of a reported death of a final year student at the Tweneboa Kodua SHS.

The story suggests that a teacher by name (withheld) went to the boy's dormitory around 10-11pm with a cane. Upon reaching there the students begun to run.

The deceased who was sleeping then woke up and followed the others to run.

They scaled a wall in front of the dormitory.

Unfortunately, the boy landed in a gutter behind the wall.

He was rushed to the hospital but died a few minutes later.

The parents are calling for justice.

 *My Take:* 

This profession called Teaching is a risky one.

It's needless to follow your emotions and harm someone's child.

In plain language, it's stupid to go through such a pathetic trauma.

Being a house master or whatever is a toxic position and must be handled like a dangerous carcinogenic reagent.

Last month, a Headmaster was "sacked" after slapping a student who run to town.

Yes, he was trying to ensure discipline but the narratives didn't support his action.

I maintain a position that the teaching service of today is as poisonous as a lethargic reagent.

No union leader can defend a teacher who uses cane on students.

You perish at your own risk.

Teachers must be guided that times have changed.

The days of using canes on students are over.

These days, there's nothing like repeating students for poor grades.

Students who get pregnant are also allowed to come back to school to continue.

Indeed, times have changed.

The modus of operandi and the dictates of the profession have changed.

Teachers who follow their emotions all in the name of *DISCIPLINE* must be prepared to face the laws of the land.

It's funny these days seeing some teachers around exhibiting cheer ignorance purporting to be ensuring discipline.

Let's be measured when doing so.

Those who have ears must listen to the rhythm and save their job.

Don't get yourself into these needless mess.

What is your take on this subject

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