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Tertiary Student Caught Red-Handed On Camera Doing This In Class

A Tertiary student was caught on camera pressing a fellow colleague's buttocks during classes hours

Throughout the life of a student, the Tertiary level is the stage considered to expose the individual to the teal phase of life as they get to leave home and begin to leave life on their own.

At this stage of their life, they get the chance to decide for themselves what is good for them as they are seen not to be under any for of strict control. During this time, most of them forget that they are being prepared for the society in the near future.

Some fail to plan their lives well and end up finding themselves wanting at the end of their studies and some also yield to influences from bad companies and end up destroying their lives.

Students get to do whatever they wish and at anytime so far as it does not violate the general standards set by the institution.

Recently, there have several immoral cases reported in some institutions like the video that went viral online of "2 love birds" who were seen kissing in the open late in the night on the compounds of KNUST and certain others that were also applauded by students as they were heard making out in the afternoon on Legon campus.

These are a few among the several cases that were recorded. It is so surprising how this student managed to have his way even in class as classes was underway. This student was captured on camera passing his hand through the back of the chairs to press a colleague student's buttocks.

He really has the courage as people have been commenting massively on this stupid but smart act of his.

Though funny, he was very lucky the victim did not report him to the authorities else he would have landed in big trouble as that is a very serious offence in the walls of most Tertiary institutions.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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