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Photos Of What Two Students Were Doing In The Dormitory

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Now students have taken the laws into their own hands doing all source of thing. But this is not allow. See what SHS girl did to her school son in the dormitory. Which teachers in the school got angry.

Late in the evening, a form two boy was washing cloth for his school mother. Could you imagine what happened?. This boy was punished by his school mother for not performing a duty.

This school mother asks for sugar from her school son, but this boy couldn't get it. So this girl gave her school son two options, either to wash her cloth, or go and get the sugar. How can this boy get this thing late in the night around 10: 45 pm.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get it, so he decided to wash the cloth. And what is annoying is that, the boy was washing her pants. Which is not allowed. But this school mother was not punished.

I want to ask, are there authorities in the school?

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