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Primary Education


ÙNbelievable: see what a student was caught doing in classroom by CCTV camera

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The only slightest hammer that breaks the yoke of ignorance is said to be education. For this reason parents day in and day out send their kids to school learn but not to do anything else.

Due to the security of these kids, some institutions have placed CCTV cameras around their school compound to track the movement of every student on campus and even in a classroom.

Camera "CCTV" which has come to help in security matters sometimes capture things beyond the expectation of humanity.

A picture trending on social media platforms especially Facebook has to with kids who were in classroom learning whiles one of them were busily doing two things at the same time.

The students in the picture who the CCTV camera caught was doing two things simultaneously whiles her other colleagues were busy to answer a question from their teacher.

The student in question was caught by the camera watching and weighing the size of their class teacher's dick whiles they were learning.

The picture that pops up on Facebook has caused stir and a lot of Facebook users are making comments about the students contribution to the lesson.

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