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3 options to the University that will help you secure a job easily in Ghana.

  Most of the time when students complete their secondary education, all that most of them look forward to is to continue their education at the university. Sometimes when they don't get admissions to these universities, they breakdown as if their lives have ended.

   This article is to help you understand that there are Equally good options to going to the University which will save you from joining the unemployment statistics. Over 80% of graduates join the unemployment roll every year and its time the youth try other options.

(1) Vocational and Technical Education. 

    There are many vocational and technical schools in Ghana under (TVET) that equips the youth with skills. For example; fashion designing, catering, electricians, carpentary etc . These skills will help you become your own boss because you won't have to wait for someone to employ you. 

(2) Teachers And Nursing Training.


   One of the easiest ways to be employed under government is through either teachers or nursing training college. Every year, graduates from these institutions are automatically employed by the government. So if you have a desire to be a teacher or a nurse someday, this opportunity could be for you.

(3) Trading (entrepreneurship)

     One can start a small selling business. All you need is to find what your passion is into. It doesn't matter how small the beginning may be, with time and good management, the business will eventually grow. Many have done this and are now self employed 

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