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Payment of Allowances to Teachers in Deprived Communities to be Effected before December, 2022.

In 2009 the Ghana Education Service have signed against the provision of the 2009 Collective Agreement between the Ghana Education Service and the Teacher Unions in the Education Service which enjoins GES in section 18.3 to pay allowances based on monthly gross salary to teachers posted to areas designated as deprived.

In August 2020, the Agreement was renewed and the government promised to pay allowances to teachers who accepted postings to deprived communities in Ghana. Two years today the government has not paid such allowances agreed upon to this class of teachers which have made schools in deprived communities to lack teachers as most of the teachers in such areas have left such communities.

The three teacher unions namely, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT are therefore reminding the government on this agreement to play it's cards very well in honoring it's part of the Agreement and this should be done before 31st December, 2022.

The teacher unions have expressed sentiments of anxiety and disappointment in the government for trying to sabotage education in the deprived communities. They added that teachers in towns must not be treated same way as teachers in the deprived communities and this is because there are so many benefits that those in towns enjoy which are not available to those in the deprived places.

As the government desired quality education for all, this should be done evenly so that every ghanaian will have the chance to access quality education. This can only be achieved when teachers are motivated to compete with the other public sector workers in living standard and not seen as people without future. The government is on this note reminded once more to motivate teachers very well since that class controls the development and growth of every country.

If a country will develop it is it's education system that trains quality leaders and work force and this is achieved through quality teaching from the teachers. Nothing is possible if the foundamentals are week which means free senior high will not yield it's desired results if the foundations from the basic schools are very weak.

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