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Common Core Programme (CCP) for SHS1, 6 Facts and 5 Projected Benefits

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has presented the Common Core Program for JHS1-SHS1 understudies with that of Basic 7 previously began. 

Curiously, the 2020 BECE graduates will be the main cluster of SHS understudies to begin the CCP at the HSH level. 

The program will be for one year and will help get ready students for their profession way 

The students will consolidate the all around accomplished social upgrade which generally manages the psychological perspective with involved reasonable preparing into any picked discipline from JHS1 to JHS3. The CPP is required to be step by step scaled up to those in SHS 1 after its presentation at the fundamental school level. 

Basic Core Program for SHS1 

List of chapters 

At SHS 1 level, alumni of fundamental school will contemplate the basic center projects for another year. After this, they will be needed to pick projects to learn towards their elective vocation ways from SHS 2 until they complete their optional training. 

The educational plan is planned with the point of getting ready understudies for post-optional schooling or the universe of work or both. 

Things To Note About The Common Core Program For SHS1 Students. 

The Common Core Program (CCP) is a 4-yr program. SHS 1 understudies will learn 9 subjects which are; Maths, Languages, Sciences (exemplifying both the Natural and Applied Sciences), RME, Physical and Health Education, Career Technology, Social Studies, Computing, Creative Arts, and Design. 

Understudies in the wake of concentrating under the CCP are required to secure 6 key capabilities which incorporate basic reasoning and critical thinking abilities. 

At the point when SHS1 understudies are prepared for movement into SHS 2, they will take a test (Common Core Exams).

The assessment would fill in as a guide for the understudies to pick courses they need to seek after. 

The courses picked will prompt a High School Diploma Program (HSDP) or Career-related Program (CRP). 

The program picked by the understudies from point 5 above will be examined SHS 2 – 3. 

What are the expected advantages of the Common Core Program and the new SHS framework? 

There are very much expressed purposes behind the presentation of the new Common Core Program. 

These incorporate the accompanying 

It is intended to assemble character and support esteems in understudies. 

Once more, it will offer understudies a consistent movement from JHS to SHS. 

Understudies will have a reasonable pathway for scholarly and profession related projects. 

The CCP is additionally expected to assist manage difficulties defying Ghana's present educational system according to learning and appraisal. 

When completely actualized, it will advance better High School instruction that meets the shifted adapting necessities of youngsters in Ghana. 

The Common Core Program has prospects and can change the essence of Ghana's schooling framework if the execution is done appropriately. 

Tragically, we are now rehearsing the execution of the program at the JHS level with Basic 7 understudies without preparing for educators and the required instructing and learning materials. 

This methodology just makes our understudies in JHS1 and those preparing for SHS1 preliminary components in the usage of the program.

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