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Should Free SHS be reviewed?

The Free Senior High School policy is one of the flagship programs of the current government. It has been touted as a game changer in our educational system. Since its implementation, it has been saddled with various allegations and counter allegations. Government spends a whopping 7.5 billion cedis on it annually and it is draining our resources. People have alleged that the standard of tuition has deteriorated and indiscipline is on the rise.

It is time for the policy to be reviewed. Those who can afford to pay must be made to. At least it will save us some money. Those who prefer to go to the prestigious schools and can afford it must be made to pay for it so that those that genuinely needs help to pay for their education will be attended to. This is a good policy and must be embraced by all. It shouldn't be politicised else its importance will not be appreciated. We must review this policy to make it better.

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Free Free Senior High School


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