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These 2 SHS Headmasters Would Have Been 'Dead' In China, France and These 3 Countries

Today is another beautiful brand new day and I thank the almighty God for our lives. In this article, we intend to have a look at 2 SHS Headmasters who would be dead by now if their incident happened in China and some of the countries as well.

In fact, the actions of these two Senior High School Headmasters took social media to a state of a conundrum. These actions or behaviours of some headmasters, teachers and individuals should be taken more seriously in the country.

The occurrence of Rape cases in the country is becoming too much for that something must be done about it. The two headmasters which we intend to talk about today are Mr Seppey and George Amponsah-Dodo.

Mr Seppey

Mr Seppey was the head of Adumanu D/A Basic school. He made the waves in the headlines after his a viral video of him doing the 'unthinkable' with his former student. After the incident reached the attention of the authorities, he was sacked from the school.

In countries like France, China, India, Iran, and the Netherland, such actions demands 'cruel' punishment including hanging and shooting of the rapist. However, in our country, you will just serve some years and that's all. For those of you who might not know, Adumanu is a D/A Basic school sited in the central part of the country. It is located in the Asikuma district.

George Amponsah-Dodo

Another senior high school that made headlines for bad conduct is Kumasi High School. Their case took Ghanaian by surprise after the were news of their assistant headteacher, George Amponsah-Dodo, sodomizing his students (boys). His actions as stated earlier would mean serious offence for the above countries which have a great system for fighting sexual assault.

How do you think that teachers who get caught in this act should be dealt with?

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