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Utag May Be Forced To Go On Another Strike Next Year- Professor Ransford Gyampo hints

Professor Ransford Gyampo, a lecturer at the University of Ghana and General Secretary for the University of Ghana chapter of the University Teachers Association (UTAG) has explicitly said without mincing words that most Ghanaian Professors do not have matching correspondence to their pockets and that they may go on another strike to seek better renumeration.

Professor Gyamfo explained that most universities in Ghana underpay lecturers and their salaries do not reflect the kind of work they do.

According to the Professor “Professors and Lecturers are seen as big due to the titles but to be frank titles don’t bring money, we don’t eat our titles. I will tell you off air the money government proposed after we called off our strike. Our people said they were disappointed in me because of the amount government brought. Some said I should even be impeached because of the amount in question. Over 80% of the people said we should vote on the amount but we had to use some form of dictatorship to prevent any form of voting. If we allowed the voting UTAG would have been on strike by now,” he detailed to Accra based Neat Fm

He hinted that UTAG may be forced to go on another strike to demand for better working conditions by next year. But for now lecturers have agreed to stay in the classroom till the end of the year.

Professor Gyampo expressed his disdain towards the fact that state officials were paid hefty sums with other fat benefits whiles lecturers were paid peanuts as allowances and salaries.

His comment comes off as a result of a recent revelation that detailed the large sums of salaries and benefits awarded to Chief Executive Officers in government institutions.

Professor Gyamfo is a very popular commentator on political issues and very vibrant when it comes to youth empowerment programmes and does shy away from airing his ideologies on politics.

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