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Students of Colleges of education in Ghana should be happy for this vital information from the gov't

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Students representative council of the Colleges of education in Ghana sent a petition to the government with regards to their monthly allowance.According to the student representative council,the monthly allowance which are given to the students monthly is very paltry.when the money comes,these students use part of the money to settle their feeding fee and use some of them to buy books.At the end,the money will be left with paltry amount.The petition was sent to the government mainly on the increment of their monthly allowance.The students are expecting the government to increase the amount of their monthly allowance.

According to the information reaching us,clearly redefines that,the government has finally signed the petition sent to him with a vivid acceptance that,there will be an increment in the monthly allowance of the colleges of education students in Ghana.Initially the allowance was GHC 400 but now the government will increase it from the previous amount by adding some amount of money to that.Actually the amount of money to be added to the previous monthly allowance is not yet out.This will reflect in the next month allowance they will receive.Thank you.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.Thanks for reading this article.

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