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Future Leaders: Checkout What These Girls Were Doing During School Hours

It's not just a question of ideas when it comes to studying. Everything youngsters learn in school prepares them to choose the future they want to live in one day. It is the most effective means of realizing your ambitions. And this should demonstrate how crucial it is to attend school. Those that study are aware of their rights. And how to get your hands on them. This is a detail that should never be overlooked. Especially when we're talking about youngsters in some of the world's poorest countries.

You learn something basic at school, at least as much as you learn in class: how to relate to others. The child comes to realize that he lives in a culture where everyone should respect one another. Studying entails putting your knowledge to the test. The child works toward a goal and is rewarded for his or her efforts. He realizes that no goal can be fulfilled without this dedication. The foundation for the adult that a child will one day become is laid at school.

A video has emerged on social media showing two girls doing the unthinkable. In this video the two girls were seeing showing their thighs to viewers. The video has attracted a lot of views comments and reactions from viewers. Whiles others seem to like the video solely because of the curvy nature of the girls, others rebuked the act and found it questionable. Their argument is that children of their age should be in classrooms learning for a better tomorrow. One comment among the numerous was one from a very concerned individual who questioned the integrity of tomorrow. According to him the future we look up to might not be a very good one as the children of today, the future leaders of tomorrow, keep on indulging in unthinkable acts.

The other side of the coin who seem to enjoy the act supported the argument saying that all work and no play will make the students dull. And for that reason they needed a break from school activities inasmuch as sense they make, it sounded funny. This side of the argument kept on stressing on the fact that everyone needs a break from stress and a lot of stress can lead to death. Another strong point raised by this side of the argument was that the acts portrayed in the video is not something bad in the Western countries and they condemned African perspective on such issues as well as our culture.

Even though everyone raised strong and valid points, it was difficult to determine which side was the stronger side. Many facts about the video remain in the shadows. Even the identities of the two girls have not been disclosed. Don't even worry, any update or any new information released will be conveyed to you as investigations are already being done. Let us know which side you think is the stronger side based on all the arguments they raised as well as your point of view on the subject matter in the comment section.

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