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Don't Blame Me For Being LGBTI: I Just Can't STOP (Fiction)

My story is a very sad but interesting one so please stick to the end, I need help!

My name is Theresa and I'm a 24-year-old living in Accra with a secret habit which I would disclose shortly.

At age 16, I gained admission into a Senior Secondary School in Ghana in the Central region. As happy as I was, I naively loved and cherished the institution I had just had the privilege to join.

However, my plights started when I first got introduced to my school mother. She was extremely beautiful and had lots of female friends in the school. Since the institution was a single-sex one, I had did not notice she didn't like to have anything to do with boys at all.

I recall one evening after prep time when she asked me to visit her in the dormitory before I went to bed. On arrival, "Ageyiwaa" as everyone affectionately called her, shared a very sad story about herself and how she got raped by her own Father.

She further advised me to stay far away from men as they had the tendency to destroy my life as hers nearly was. I must say that she was a very brilliant science student and loved by many of our teachers.

Fast forward in the second term of my first year, she introduced me to a few other friends who she said had the tendency to calm my brain and help me recall whatever I was taught in class very easily, that was how I got involved in lesbianism.

My problem is I have battled this practice for the last seven years. I find it difficult to disclose it to family and friends. The last time I tried to consult a "Pastor" for prayers, he suggested that the only way to get out of this quagmire was to allow him to have his way with me.

Even though I did not give in to his request I feel discouraged sharing my problem with anyone else from thenceforth. My then-school mother and her friends still invite me over from time-to-time, even though I am not always comfortable, I still give in because they have been the sole sponsors of my Tertiary education for the past three years.

I am confused and feel drained. I need help!

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