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Why Bloggers and PhD holders may have same relevance

In Ghana, to attain the status of a PhD holder, one has to offer a master of philosophy, after your first degree, which requires one to use methodologies in getting information and recommending solutions, some educationists give reference to sources of some Information that isn't theirs. PhD holder use questionnaires most often to gather opinions on some topics after which they put their information to writing or typing, the information is afterwards published on the internet in sites such as research gate, their research work most contains pictures and narratives. Some contain bar charts and figures. Most PhD Holders do not publish research regularly.

Bloggers are group of people who publish on the Internet as well, they have vast knowledge in computer technology and Internet monetization unlike PhD Holders, most equally go to the filed for stories in topics, Interview series of people in recorded documentaries that are more reliable that questionnaires with opinions from sources you can't trace, bloggers have voices and videos and publish daily, they educate more than millions in a month and have reliable followers who work with their content, they also generate lots of revenue with their research.

Now the difference between the PhD holder and a Blogger is that society assumes PhD Holders have certificates whilst bloggers do not have certificates, secondly, society believes blogging is cheap when the fact actually is that most PhD Holders can't even create a Facebook page to talk of posting any digital content on the Internet.

Thirdly, Society assumes PhD Holders are more Intelligent when the actual fact is that these PhD Holders spend their life time on Google searching for Information on websites of bloggers, now who is more important?

 In most Ghanaian universities, PhD holder rush to the Internet and websites like 'chegg' to download exam questions they use in trying their students, can PhD holders survive without bloggers, certainly not, the real researchers are bloggers not PhD holders. Per this, Tuorimuo Elvis Philip has a point and can justify that bloggers are treasures in our society. Some Popular blogs we know Include YouTube which is equivalent to 50 Universities in the world.

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