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Considering Court Issues About Rastafarian Students, Could They Start School This Year?

It's past time to let go of the outdated notion that Rastafarians are psychopaths who should be treated differently in society, especially in Africa. According to the Bible, God Himself made Sampson a Rasta. If it wasn't good, why did God include it in the Bible in the first place? The hypocrisy of Ghana is far too much to tolerate.

Although a few Rastafarians are tarnishing the image of the majority, being a Rasta does not automatically make you a bad person.The high court 2 days ago allowed Tyrone and Oheneba Kwaku entry to Achimota senior high school. It was a wonderful day for all Rastafarians around the world who learned about this case.

Tyrone and Oheneba Kwaku, the two Rastafarian students in question, are about to begin school. Despite the fact that teenagers may be behind in terms of classroom activities, it is vital that they return to school as soon as feasible. The two teenagers have come to the fore in this predicament. Many social media users are concerned that their growing popularity across the country and at school would put them under too much psychological stress. Are they going to be stigmatized by their peers?

It seems Achimota school are not happy about the court ruling. For this reason, they are filing for appeal about the case. Considering all these court issues, it would be prudent, the parents of the boys in question, forget about Achimota and find a new private

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