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The Necessity of a School Infirmary

The Necessity of a School Infirmary 


A School Infirmary or Health Corner is a place to store medical/health equipment. 

Conduct health exams 

Give urgent care to injured or sick students and for them to rest/recover 

Give counseling and guidance to students with physical or emotional troubles 

Gather and use health-related information 

Plan and teach Injury and disease prevention 

Develop teaching materials for the promotion of child health and development 

Study and understanding health-related issues at school 

Teachers Involved with School Infirmary 

 In order for the infirmary to perform these functions, it is necessary to assign a teacher as its head. Ideally this teacher would have health-related knowledge or skills. If not, the responsible teacher can work with health specialists outside the school. 

Another option is for the school principal and the infirmary head to organize activities together to increase health awareness and enlist the cooperation of all teachers at the school. When the infirmary is incorporated into many aspects of education, it becomes much easier to understand health 

issues and coordinate activities to improve health. 

 Equipping the Infirmary 

 It is necessary to equip the infirmary with the necessary equipment appropriate to the school kind (elementary, middle school, etc) and size. Here are some examples of basic equipment: (In many cases, it will be difficult to get equipment in a developing country. At a minimum, try to acquire the underlined items.) 

General equipment desk, chair, bed, washbowl, health education reference material. 

Health exam equipment height measuring device, weight scale, measuring tape eye chart caliper (for skin fold measurement) 

Emergency care equipment, disease prevention equipment thermometer (for body), scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, cotton swabs, disinfectant, sterile gauze, cotton wool, medical tape, bandages, adhesive bandages, sanitary napkins, medical gloves, penlight blanket, sling, splint, stretcher eye medicine, compress, stomach medicine, antibiotics. 

Effective Infirmary Management 

Set up the following areas to create an effective infirmary: 

First Aid station near the entrance of the infirmary, with convenient access to cold and hot water, organize first aid equipment and medicines for easy access. 

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