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Hot Video: SHS Girls Caught Whinning Their Huge “Bumbum” In Class

It is not known the kind of generation currently coming up, as certain stuffs that are done by the youth of today seems quite troubling.

Two Senior High School girls in green uniforms were caught on camera doing the unbelievable right in the classroom.

According to the video trending online, these students were seen seriously twerking at a place that looked like a classroom while in their uniforms.

Normally, it looks as if the students who involve themselves in such acts find nothing wrong with what they do and go to the extent of taking videos of themselves and their friends and thereby end up sharing them on social media.

This is an act which has currently being a talk in town since from the very onset of this behavior, it has gradually been seen to spread over a lot of schools and when this is not stopped, it may end up travelling down to the Junior High pupils and subsequently to the little ones and if possible toddlers.

When that happens, it will be very difficult to get these children back on track and that will mean our nation is heading towards retrogression since the future lies in the hands of these.

While they are expected to be in school making good grades in their studies, they are seen devoting their profitable time to things that will bring them no good.

Due to the current shoot in the case of students twerking on campus, it would be required that their teachers become more strict in them while still in school so that they don't end up bringing bad names upon the school as a whole.

As they vacate and return back to their homes, parents are also to do their parts in monitoring them to be sure of whatever they do at all times. Students themselves should also learn to prioritise their actions well.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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