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The English textbooks in the 90s Vs textbooks in the 20s

The English textbooks in the 90s Vs The textbooks in the 20s

In the 90s the English textbooks for students. There were a lot of interesting stories in the textbooks in the 90s, currently the English textbooks for students is creating tension in Ghana.

Alidu and his Goat

Alidu’s goat spoke to him and he went round telling other people that the goat could talk. When they put the spotlight on the goat, it just kept bleating. When the townsfolk saw that the goat was a normal goat, they gathered around him and beat him. The goat only spoke when its master was being beaten for wasting the time of the townsfolk.

Obiba Jk

The red and the blue team is one funny story every kid in primary school loved especially when it gets to how Obiba J.K. scored. Some good footballers back in school those days, even nicknamed themselves Obiba J.K.

Which of these stories do you remember vividly? Let us know in the comments section

Mr. Boamah’s Shop

The story of how two children always purchased their foodstuff for breakfast from Mr Boamah’s shop is so interesting you can get the whole class reciting it in unison whenever we are asked to read.

Ata Panyin and Ata Kakra

Panyin and Kakra was actually a very sad story but we all loved it because it touched our soul. Most of us felt bad about how the skull of the twin that sung to the grandmother and his brother.

The Hawk and The Hen

“Krekete…So ya!! Nka me yare anka…so ya!!! nka me bu no ha…so ya!!!” Do you remember that story? Well, it was one hell of an interesting story we all loved. We know you’re smiling now.

A Market Day At Asesewa

A market day at Asasewa was also another fabulous story most of us loved because it highlighted on what really happens at the market, which most of us, especially the boys were ignorant of because we don’t accompany our parents to the market.

Bonwire Kente

“Asante Bonwire Kente de3 me nhu bi da…” then it gets to the part that goes like, “Kro kro kro kro..hii hii hii hii…kro hii kro na aye me de oh! na aye me de” now that is the part that gets everybody singing along in class including those who couldn’t read and didn’t even know what we were talking about.

Why The Crab Lost It’s Head

One interesting story that really stuck with most of us and educated us on how to choose our friends and taught us a great lesson. It also taught us that although kindness is good, it can also be your downfall, the reason why you have to be careful with the kind of friends you have. The crab lost it’s head because it trusted its friends so much to the extent it had to lend its head to a friend who never returned it

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