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Social Studies has not been eliminated from Ghana’s curriculum

Prof Kwame Osei Kwarteng, Chairman of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), has refuted reports that social studies has been eliminated from Ghana's curriculum.

The assertion was reaffirmed by Josephine Nkrumah, Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), who urged for a return to civic education in Ghanaian schools.

"Social Studies is humanity's heartbeat." You can't take that away from me. Whatever you do, as a people, you will live, work, worship, battle, and establish peace together. So there is no reason why Social Studies should be abolished in any shape or form on this planet," Ms Nkrumah stated at the National Conference on Social Studies at the University of Education in Winneba.

"You see robots serving at restaurants, delivering meals to people's homes, collecting garbage, and doing other tasks that humans are meant to do," she continued. All of this should provide us with a lot of information. We need to come up with a new approach to keep the physical and social relationships alive."

Prof Kwame Osei Kwarteng, Chairman of the NaCCA, said social studies is still a subject at the JHS level.

He says that until the introduction of a new revolutionary subject called our world our people, which is more wide than social studies, there were no social studies at all prior to the recent education reforms.

Prof Kwarteng believes that the NCCE Chairman was not adequately briefed before making the remark at the Association of Social Studies meeting.

"She was just pouring dust into the eyes of Ghanaians," he told Dzifa Bampoh on 3FM's First Take on Monday, November 8. I hasten to add that it's possible that she didn't prepare well, that she wasn't well-versed in the facts before delivering the paper at the conference.

"At KG and from P1 to P6, there was nothing like social studies. We saw a need for social studies and created a curriculum called "Our World, Our People." We have developed social studies curricula for JHS1 to JHS 3, therefore I don't see where the chairwoman was coming from; we haven't changed anything."


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