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5 Weird Schools on Earth you won't Believe Existed.

1. Witch School, Massachusetts

This school teaches about witchcraft to budding witches worldwide. The majority of it's 400,000 students take courses online, it also has a physical location where students can take classes in person.

Earlier, it was in Roseville, Chicago for two years before it shifted to Salem, Massachusetts. Salem was chosen because it has its witch community and is generally witch friendly.

2. Trabajo Ya, Spain.

A school called Trabajo Ya, which means "work now" opened in Valencia to teach women the most effective trick of the trade.

The school offers a basic course in professional escort services with maximum discretion.

The training last for one week and involves classes in both theory and practice. For €100 (about $120), students are given lessons on the history and evolution of the "art" as well as business skills.

They hold daily two-hours practical skill lessons during which students learn everything inside out.

Here the student is also taught about Indian Epic love. Making patterns and moves called "Kamasutra".

Unsurprisingly the school came under a lawsuit issued by people but it continued its operation of teaching about the trade.

3. The Boat School of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh experiences food twice a year which makes it difficult for everyone. In such situations, it becomes difficult to provide education. To combat the challenges caused by the annual floods. A nonprofit organization called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha cam up with a brilliant solution.

They built houses, health care centres, and schools that float. The nonprofit operates almost 100 boats schools. Each of these schools is solar-powered and equipped with a laptop, computer, internet and a small library.

4. The Train Platform Schools of India.

Inderjit Khurana was a school teacher from Orissa, India. She encountered several children begging train passengers for money instead of going to school.

Since it was almost impossible to take these children to school, she decided to take the school to the Children.

This led to the formation of Ruchika School of Social Service Organization (RSSO) and the birth of the train platform school in 1985.

She began her project with just one school, but more than 4,000 students are being educated around India through the program.

They are allowed to leave the program or resume whenever they choose to.

5. DongZhong Mid-Cave Primary School, China.

The DongZhong Mid-Cave Primary School is located in a cave in the mountainous Miao Village of Guizhou Province, China.

The Cave School was started in the year 1984 with eight teachers and 186 students. Some villagers had concerns about the school being allowed to continue.

Their fear was understood and Chinese authorities closed the school.

According to a government spokesperson the change was necessary because China isn't a country of Cavemen.

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