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Education is not the key to success everyone needs to read this

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Many times have we heard that without education, you won't get any were in life. Well that saying is a big lie. Education is not the key to success, education is merely a step to success. See when you are educated, chances are that you'll have many job opportunities. Education doesn't bring success, okay let's say you've gone to school, mastered your degree and stuff. What then huh? You'll obviously go around looking for job right, this proves that education is a step to success and not the key.

Sometimes I wonder why people can't see the real fact, I mean it is obvious. Even some celebrities we know of, didn't have much lack with education and yet they are living in mansions. Many people have gone to school, and yet they're selling shoes at the roadside. People have a weird way of thinking, especially parents. Most of the time, you see parents forcing their kids to go to school. Knowing very well that the kid has trouble with learning. Sometimes it is better to sit back and think we'll before making decisions, look for your talent and build on it.

If one has a mind that is meant for business, it will show. Even if that person is a kid. And instead of doubting the person, you should help him/her in any aspect. Education is associated with knowledge. We need education to help us with opportunities, and help our English. The rest it is up to the person to decide, and to work to achieve their goal. There are a lot of kids who are successful and are still going to school, this shows that you are the one to choose your future.


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