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Ebenezer senior high school sacks the container stores behind their wall

Ebenezer senior high is one of the popular school in Accra. The Mpoase Chief and his elders has been taken monthly money from the owners of container stores saying the land the behind the Ebenezer school wall is thier land.

The photo of the containers behind the school wall.

This Made Head of the school got annoyed and said it's a government property, the chief has no right to take any money from owners of the container. So they went for a meeting and what's happens was that, the head of the school said every container owner should pay Ghc 50 Every month to the school, but the chief disagree and told them not to pay any money to the school head but it's them the chief who gave them that portion to put thier container.

Some container already taken away

What happened at las was Ebenezer senior high school Heard reported them to the Accra metropolitan Assembly saying those container behind the school wall make the school not look nice and attractive and those in the area also dump rubbish behind the wall and in the gutters near the school wall, so he want all those containers out from the school wall and plant beautiful flowers behind the wall to make the school attract the younger once coming.

Picture behind the school wall and the dirty gutters

Most of the people in the area said it will e better they place nice beautiful flowers behind the school wall to make the school attractive. We all think that's right.

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