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I Will Not Allow This 'Comma' Business Here: Dr. Elsie Kaufman Tells Contestants From KNUST SHS

The quiz mistress of the National Science and Mathematics Quiz, Dr. Elsie Kaufman displayed her prowess and command over Mathematics or to put it in a better way, "Maths language" today during the quarter finals contest between KNUST SHS, Accra Academy and Ola SHS. This happened when she posed a Mathematics question to the students from KNUST Senior High School. This was the question, "Find the vertex of the curve y=-20+8x-x^2"

For those of us who did not like Maths, we will find problems with this. Be that as it may, the answer required is supposed to be a co-ordinate or a point. This consists of an x-coordinate and a y-coordinate. I guess you will be laughing at your bad performance in maths right now. Lol.

The students from KNUST SHS had their answers right. This was their answer, "4 'comma' -4"

In response the quiz mistress gave them a short piece of advice, "You are right but by the way, if you are giving your coordinates, there is no need for you to bring in a comma. Just go straight and mention the coordinate, I will not allow this comma business here."

The viewers were perplexed at the intelligence of Dr, Elsie Kaufman and for that matter, she was given thunderous applause.

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