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Check Out The Reaction Of Ghanaians As A Facebook User Shares A Post Of A Student Doing This.

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Social media is currently the main source of entertainment to all those who use it. It has helped relieve people off their boredom. A Facebook User recently posted a picture of a student sweating profusely whiles writing something. The person who posted this picture asked his viewers that which subject is the boy writing. Check out the answers that was given.

This post has taken all over the internet and has gotten people from different parts of the country to react. It is worth noting that this picture depicts a reality that students are currently facing believe it or not.

Most of the Facebook Jesus commented that the student was writing maths. This is so absolutely true. Student of nowadays fear Mathematics as if Maths is a fierceful animal. Probably, that is the truth we made to believe as we were growing as children. But in reality, that is not the case. How come some students have mastery over the subject mathematics whilst others find it difficult even to write the symbols not to talk of solve equations.

These are certain core problems that the leadership in education system must consider before tackling other difficult problems.

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