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Ashanti Region: Check Out How These Siblings Share A Single Uniform For School Each Day

The story of Faustina Badu and her siblings, pupils of Fomsu Roman Catholic Primary 'A' at Adansi Fomena in the Ashanti Region is indeed a really touching one.

A video from an interview with Faustina who is the eldest of all her siblings revealed that, the children used to live a very normal life as others until their father, Mr. Badu passed on. According to Faustina, their father made it a point to provide them with a new uniform each every year.

After their father died, Faustina's uniform got spoilt and because her mother had no source of income, she had to sought to sharing her little sisters uniform with her. From Faustina's speech, she quit schooling for about 2 months after their father's death so her siblings could go but after several deliberations with her mother, decided to go back which was when she started sharing her sister's uniform with her.

Since their school operated a shift system, one would first wear the uniform and have to rush home early so that the other can also attend class.

The family has indeed had a really tough time as affording for their daily meal is even difficult and the children will have to go to the farm after school to get somethings they can sell in the evening so they can make some money to buy gari which will last them for some days.

Faustina is currently in JHS 1 and determined to focus on her education but needs the support. She asks for support from anyone who is willing to support them.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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