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Why SHS Has Become The Most Complicated Sector In The Educational System Right Now

Because of the covid-19 pandemic that struck Ghana, things have tend to change quickly in a short period of time. It has left many great businesses in struggle, and in a way has influenced unemployment.

The one thing that the pandemic has affected greatly, is the educational system. Right now the education system in Ghana, has taken turns which were not expected nor planned.

The University, Junior High and the Senior High. Have been greatly distracted by the covid-19 virus. Why the Senior high is the most affected is that, it is the most crucial part in education. If you don't pass the senior high, moving on will be difficult.

Education in Senior High has become unstable in such a way that, learning has become difficult for the students. And if one doesn't pass Senior High, then getting into the University becomes a problem. Passing through Senior High is very important for every student. Sadly the Covid-19 has made things difficult.

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