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Ministry of Education drops decision of running a semester education at the basic level. Details

The educational system of the country has been growing downwards since the outbreak of Corona virus. The ministry of education has made many changes about the educational structure of the country since the year 2020. Recently, the ministry made a decision which was about the basic schools of the country and the result of this decision resulted in a Nationwide strike. Let's have time to read the new decision of the minister of education and share our views towards it. Share and like for more interested updates.

On the 13th day of January, the ministry of education announced the reopening dates for basic schools (kindergarten to JHS) across the country. Per the calendar released, pupils were to spend only two semesters for the academic year. Due to this change, the teacher unions in the country 3mbarked on a Nationwide strike because the ministry did not have any discussion with them before such decision was taken. Teachers have stayed in the house for almost 2 weeks since the reopening of schools.

The ministry of education following the strike has released a statement which is returning the system of education at the basic level to the at it was. According to the statement from the ministry, they can no longer run a semester at the basic level after consulting stakeholders and therefore, from kindergarten to junior high school will go back to the trimester system.

Read the statement beneath.

"After further consultation on the issue, the Honourable Minister for Education has directed that the calendar for kindergarten to Junior High School for the current academic year should revert to the Trimester system.” The ministry noted in their statement.

Your thoughts and views on the decision of the ministry are accepted in the comment section beneath and don't forget to share, like and follow up for more updates.

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