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Sad:The School kids Needs Help But See What Ghanaians Are Saying To Them

An investigate journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has shared a social media post today, Wednesday, 26th May 2021 which states that "These kids at Buabula Primary school need your help to sit on desks at school. 300 dual desks are needed in the school. A dual desk costs about 250 cedis. Please inbox Sulemana Braimah if you will like to help" and Ghanaians have reacted to the post differently.

According to the post, the teachers in that school are asking people who can donate some money to help them get some school desk for the future leaders to sit on but Ghanaians are asking different questions which although is acceptable but would not solve the problem at hand.

While the teachers of the school may take a lot of steps towards getting desks for the school kids, Ghanaians have this to say instead of offering the help and see what they're saying below.

Someone said: Ghana 😭 misplace priorities everywhere, this are some of the areas that needs Government attention, but hey corruption and deals from dangerous contracts won’t let them pay attention to this problems.

Another person said: The truth be told. Though they are in need of desks because what they have may have broken or are not enough. In reality, these pupils do not sit or lie down on their bellies to learn. You are right to solicit for support for these pupils but not on deception. We have done this before and I fount it unfortunate; we were asked to pack all the desks out and sat on blocks for pictures to be taken.

Another Ghanaian said: I guess they have an MP. Is he/she aware and has he/she brought it to the attention of GES or the assembly? In any case we use to bring stools from home to school in those days. Are these students and their parents and teachers alike trying to say that the best they can do is to let these kids lie down and take pictures with their iPhones?

Propaganda will not win anyone elections again!

Another person commented that: If I may ask, Who is the MP and MCE for the constituency?

Doesn’t his constituency benefit from the MP’s common funds. Let’s hold those we’ve entrusted our votes, responsible for this. He needs to account for it until then we’re all fixing our lives and corner.

Another person added that: I solidarise with the children. However, couldn't the parents or the community afford even a stool for these innocent children. Are these just for the cameras?

Meanwhile Ghanaians who are not ready to support the kids did not look at where the post is coming from but they are just ready to asked questions without supporting the school kids to get some school desk to sit on. At least they could have realized the influence of Manasseh Azure Awuni in the media space and help the school kids even if they doubt the school teachers.

See how Ghanaians reacted to Manasseh Azure Awuni's post.

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