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Can The Ghanaian Teacher Salary Be Ever Increased By Even 50%?

This is a question many teachers have been asking themselves on all pro teacher platforms. I wish to attempt answering upon a little in-depth research I have done. 

Per some consultations with old Educationists, Ghana had a shortage of teaching staff so there was a policy to recruit individuals who were not qualified to teach into the system to close that wide gap.

Individuals who were not qualified in this regard means people who didn't have any teaching certification. These individuals were categorized as Pupil Teachers. They were brought in the service as a short term measure in other for the country to have time to train teachers to fill the gap.

After sometime, according to History of Teachers published by GNAT in 2004, Ghana was able to train more teachers to fill the gap so there was the need for them to relieve those pupil teachers of their duties.

This was because, it was a yearly renewal of contract deal but they did not and still kept them in the system. Per my checks there were more teachers than we needed in the system and this resulted in our huge numbers.

A policy was introduced for them to upgrade themselves to become qualified teachers (UTDBE) which were organized by Teachers Training Colleges now College of Education.

As society progresses, human population increases and more schools were built to cater for their educational needs and by so doing more teachers had to be trained to keep the gap closed until now. 

At the moment more schools are being built which will result in need for more teachers. 

Answer To The Question

Notably in Ghana workers with fewer members are paid more and a given huge salary increments than those that are plenty.

This is the reason why No government in Ghana will attempt to increased our salaries above 20%.

Lawyers are thriving to reduce their numbers because they don't want to reach were teachers have reached. Teachers are soo many so it seems their market value is less and that is the sad reality teachers are facing.

Based on this the Ghanaian teacher will not ever get a 50% increase in salary. Teachers deserve better but that is the painful reality.

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