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Salaries Of Teachers In Ghana Must Be Doubled(Reason)

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Teachers in Ghana are one of the main pillars of the country. Without teachers, there wouldn't be any literate in the world. Teachers are arguably the most important members in our society.

Teachers in Ghana receive various ranges of salaries pertaining to their rank in the field. However the person with highest rank's salary is nothing to write home about.

The salary levels of teachers in Ghana is too low. It makes the standard of living of most teachers very low. Most teachers receive various forms of loans to support themselves. Most teachers unions have been complaining about the low salary levels of teachers but little is done about it. 

In my opinion, the salary levels of teachers must be doubled. The gross salary of teachers must be doubled. This will make more people happy to join the teaching field so that education in the country will be at its best.

Most teachers work really hard and their salaries must be doubled. As well as other incentives like allowances and good conditions must be available to them

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