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The Woes Of The Ghanaian Teachers.

The teaching profession in Ghana and other countries had been looked down upon following the leader's inability to package the profession well. In Ghana to be specific, teachers have kept on complaining about the poor condition of service and the meagre pay. Teachers are the only professionals who complain bitterly about their salaries in this country. Is it a curse to be a teacher in Ghana?

Why is it that no government is making life comfortable for Ghanaian teachers? Over the past 90 years, nothing has changed in the teaching profession. The welfare of the teachers is nothing to write home about. Teachers who live in Ghana are facing a lot of challenges. Some of them retire without any property. It is hard to see a teacher in Ghana retire with the property. Who is going to make the lives of the teachers comfortable? Every day teachers are complaining about money but nothing is being done about their lights.As I speak the cost of living in Ghana is higher but the salaries of these teachers have remained the same. Nobody is paying heed to the call to the paying of the Cost of Living Allowance. I'm advising all teachers to fight for what is good for them to better their lives.

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