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Measures to Consider for Ghana and the Future of its Education

Measures to Consider for Ghana and the Future of its Education

Ghana has devoted substantial resources to the education sector in recent years and has exceeded associated international benchmarks when including internally generated funds outperforming all other west African countries. Education expenditure has been growing at a faster rate, in both nominal and real terms, than the total government expenditure.

The vast majority of funding to the education sector comes from the government budget, with government contributing 87% in 2012 and 78% in 2015. The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) (an earmarked proportion of VAT) and Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA) (an earmarked proportion of oil revenue) have contributed increasing amounts to overall education expenditure since 2012 to date predominantly funding government expenditure on goods and services and capital.

The proportion of education spending from internally generated funds (IGF) has increased in recent years, reaching 65% due the rollout of Free secondary education.

There needs to be consistency for education. Along with consistency, there is a dire need for consistent decision-making in regards to education curriculum. When there are changes in government power, the education does not need to be changed because that places students on the losing end. 

Unfortunately, government's sole focus is on money spending for show, without accountability! This is the sad story of Africa governments, LACK OF PROPER ACCOUNTABILITY.

Here are some things to consider for Ghana and the future of its education:

How does Ghana define and/or interpret development? as this will be an important step to succeed.

Based on Ghana's interpretation of development, where does education fit in that interpretation.

For the current status of education, are students prepared to assist in the growth in Ghana?Meaning that once a student has obtained a degree, are there jobs that student can apply for to help build the economy.

How will rural areas of Ghana catch up to the already urbanized areas? We hope one day Education in Ghana will be example to other African countries and the world.

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