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GES Dumps Free SHS ICT Coordinators in the Senior High Schools, Sets to Recruit new IT Officers

ICT teachers in charge of Free Senior High School enrolment in the various Senior High schools clashed with the Ghana Education Service for the recruitment of new Information Technology Coordinators to manage the school's database. Ministry of Education trained ICT these teachers in the various Senior High Schools in 2017 to manage the information system in the schools. Series of training workshops have been organised for the ICT teachers for the past four years.

 These teachers are responsible for managing the school database, entering students data on students information systems, preparation of school academic timetable, entering students record in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) database.

The teachers have been performing the above roles in the Senior High Schools since the introduction of the Free Senior High School policy. The ICT teachers requested an allowance from the Ghana Education Service as compensation for the additional responsibilities assigned to them. Since 2017 the teachers have been calling on the management of the Ghana Education Service to pay them some allowances for the additional roles they play in the schools. No holidays for the ICT teachers who have taken the role of ICT coordinators in the various schools, they belong to both tracks in the double-track schools, they work throughout the academic calendar.

Management of Ghana Education Service has given them assurances of an incentive package. Anytime the teachers complain about allowance they are told by the GES that, their incentive package is in the pipeline, they should be patient. The small allowance to be paid for these teachers has been a challenge for Ghana Education Service, but they have been able to secure a financial clearance to recruit new ICT coordinators to take up their roles in the school.

The ICT teachers are demanding compensation from the Ghana Education Service for the four years they have worked as ICT coordinators without any remuneration or incentives. These teachers have worked as ICT coordinators for the past four years and they have gained a lot of experience in the field, at least Ghana Education Service should have maintained them by paying a little allowance for them, they have done voluntary work as ICT coordinators and this treatment is unfair to them.

Ghana Education Service planned to implement the new GES ICT policy in the next academic year, students will be allowed to use smartphones in the school to be connected to the free Wifi installed in all the seven hundred Senior High Schools, the ICT coordinators are to manage the school network, a software has been developed by Ghana Education Service to restrict the use of the Wifi by students, the ICT coordinators will be responsible for monitoring the school network.

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