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Want to learn spanish language? Check out some greetings and months in spanish language.

Spanish or Castilian is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe and today is a global language with many countries trying to learn it.

Greetings in Spanish

1. Hello/ Hi - Hola

2. Good morning - Buenos días

3. Good afternoon - Buenas tardes

4. Good evening - Buenos noches

5. How are you?- Cómo estás/ estáis?

6. I'm fine, thanks - Bien, gracias

7. How about you?- Ytú?

8. Bad- Mal

9. Bye- Adiós

10. Thanks- Gracias

Months in Spanish

1. January - Enero

2. February - Febrero

3. March- Marzo

4. April - Abril

5. May- Mayo

6. June- Junio

7. July - Julio

8. August - Agosto

9. September - Septiembre

10. October - Octubre

11. November - Noviembre

12. December - Diciembre

Guys, also of you want to learn or know more Spanish words apart from the written ones, ask or tell me in the comment box and I will be glad to respond or answer you. Also, I have got many other languages apart from Spanish including Korea, French and many more so if you want to know any of those too, type it in the comment box and I will reply you. Thank you very much!!

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