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Social Media Users Blasts Government And GES For Allowing Teachers To Work During This Year's Census

Social media has been buzzing since Ghana Statistical Service has recruited people for this year's population and housing census. The agitation of social media users has been for the fact that teachers are the most people recruited for the work while many graduates are wildly available and have applied for the job.

In many Districts, Municipals, and Metropolis in the country, people have applied with good certificates and has been shortlisted but all of a sudden, different lists popped up and many teachers who have not been on the first shortlisted list has found their names on the second list that has popped up which made a lot of people who applied think there's nepotism and favouritism in the process.

In numerous tweets from Twitter and posts from other social media platforms. The only average question asked by social media users is "why should teachers leave pupils in classrooms at expense of a job with Ghana Statistical Service?"

These very questions are hovering all over the internet and gaining a lot of reactions from Ghanaians. This practice is said to hinder lessons in the schools hence depleting the education standards of the Country. This is because the enumeration process will be taking 14 days in addition to training days. Teachers recruited for the job will spend these days outside the classroom hence bringing teaching and learning to a halt.

Ghana Education Service is been tasked by social media users to immediately do something about the situation to give ordinary Ghanaian students what they deserve as students.


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