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It's Time For Ghana Education Service To Consider Decentralization- Educationist Opinion


Due to the COVID-19, the educational calendar came to a standstill for nearly a year and hence teachers due for promotion also shared the same fate. 

After resuming the academic calendar, teachers who qualify for promotion are still delayed due to greater workload of documents at GES Headquarters. It's against this background that this article seeks to opined why GES should designate some powers to it's regional offices to carry out some of its work.

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) should decentralize its operations to its regional offices. This will facilitate the processing of challenges faced by GES staff. 

The Leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana (CCT-GH) in August 2021 issued a press statement indicating that teachers will strike based on the same issues which are overlooked by the service.

Although in a recent statement the teacher unions said they are negotiating with the Government and has suspended it, many of their grievances were because of delayed promotion to the various ranks. If GES decentralized, it will easily curb this problem.

 Another importance of decentralizing GES to the regions is that the workload on the National Headquarters will be reduced therefore timely and stress-free processing of documents. Moreover, this will help to eliminate the emotional burden innocent teachers will have to go through just to resolve petty-petty challenges in the line of duty.

Another reason for calling for decentralization is that comparing previous years to the year 2021, the recruitment portal for 2020 graduates from the various colleges of education is yet to be opened for application start. Why should it be the case that only a few staff at the GES headquarters are tasked to work on resolving these numerous challenges when there can be equally able hands to help? Sharing the heavy workload at the GES with the regional offices will help reduce that.

The above are all reasons why GES must be decentralized.

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