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Four (4) Business Ideas Likely to Thrive on Campuses

Being in school especially in the University and other tertiary institutions is one thing most people consider as an achievement. Aside the happiness of being in the tertiary institution, there are the experiences of living campus life. Several things happen on University campuses aside learning.

There are people who take advantage of so many things to make extra cash on campus. There are those who finish school with a well developed business brand on campuses. Some start small and end up big. There are those who start businesses just to get money for daily survival.

Regardless of the reason, whether for a long term business or for survival, one must ensure that the type of business they engage in while on campus is a legal and good one and not engaging in bad acts for money. There are several business ideas one can start while on campus and the following are some of the business ideas.

Considering a food business on campus is a very good idea. Food is something that humans cannot live without. Even if all businesses will collapse, the food business is something that will remain because people eat all the time. On campuses, students often get busy with academic work and are not able to cook all the time. Sometimes students in hostels prefer to just order food instead of cooking it. There are also those who cannot cook and those who even find cooking to be a stress. Due to these, some students on campuses will prefer to buy food than cook.

There is also a common problem among students which is not knowing what to eat most of the time. I personally have this experience. Sometimes I will wake up and what to eat is a problem. I sometimes also feel too tired to cook and I end up ordering food. Food business is therefore something that will thrive on campuses.

Aside food business, delivery businesses are another thing that will do well on campuses. You do not necessarily need to have huge money to start this kind of business. For instance you can start without a motorbike by going on errands for students. Students often feel lazy to walk to other places to buy food and other items. Creating a flier with your number on it will be helpful so that the students can contact you in case they need anyone to run an errand for them.

For instance the University of Ghana campus has several halls and one can choose to run errands from one hall to the other or from markets on campus to students in their various halls. When one is known for this service, most students may want to always call for the person’s service. With time as the person progresses, he or she can buy motorbikes or even bicycles to make the work easier and in the long run, he or she can develop it into a delivery company.

Domestic business such as washing for students. One can be washing for students for pay. There are students who do not like to wash clothes. Some feel lazy, some have no time and so much more. Going round the hostels and washing for such students will help one to gain some cash. In situations where the person wants to develop a long term business out of it, the person can in the long run develop a laundry. If the person's services are well known and he or she gets a lot of money, he or she can buy washing machines and get a place on campus. 

Finally, fashion business is something that will thrive on campus if well started. Fashion is something that students love. Most students are concerned about what they wear and the trends of clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories. Starting a fashion business online is one thing that can go a long way. If one does not have the time to carry clothes from one hostel to the other, the person can even create social media handles where these clothes will be posted.

Going round and informing people about it also helps. Stuffs like glasses, bags, jewelry and clothes are always on demand. Students go for dates, dinners and several programs which require that  they look good. This will therefore be a good business idea you can realize while on campus.

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