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Have you imagined the kind of stress students go through in this nation? (Opinion)

Over the past years schooling has been of good benefit to students. School helps us to tolerate people's view and to know each other better and as there is a saying which states that "Education is the key to success".

Education is indeed the key to success. Well, take time with me to go through this article and know more about this write up. Students are complaining all over our senior high schools of the number of hours they are made to study in the class without recess.

Students are made to sit in the class for over eight hours in the class and the most tedious thing about such moment is that students starts to dose off immediately after their second recess for the day during school hours.

Mathematics per say is a subject which involves listening and a lot of attention but students are made to learn Mathematics every hot afternoon and during this time students don't pay attention and this is also a major effect why most of our students who sit to write the WASSCE fail in Mathematics.

Although some people may not succumb with me on what I've just said, but that's the truth and only the truth. Anyways your thoughts are welcomed.

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