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Why "Ewes" Are The Subject Matter On Twitter

Twitter is the social media platform that is the home of trends. When there are several discussions of a related topic, it gains traction and then appears on the trend list or page.

Today, "Ewes" are trending and it's for various reasons. Several discussions are going on in which users on social media are recounting personal opinions and what they have observed. Some users were also responding to celebrities who are chipping to contribute. Here are some of the interactions going on that is making the "Ewes" trend on Twitter.

Whiles discussions were going on, one user decided to crack a joke stating, "So why are "Ewes" trending again? Who's cat is missing?"

MJ the comedian also discloses in an interview that he likes to fuse stories and stereotypes from the various regions into his jokes and thus cause his audience to laugh. He states that he does it so that he strategically unites all of Ghana to become one.

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