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Covid-19: Tertiary, Secondary, JHS And Basic Schools Should Close Down As Easter Approaches -See Why

Ghana was hit with the world wide pandemic, I guess to know already. The active cases seems not to decrease as expected and it's because of us, yes I said us-we Ghanaians. Simple protocols we are to follow has become a big problem. Well, we ain't here for that today as our main focus today is on effect of the Easter holiday which is approaching and will be celebrated any time soon.

Should students in various schools continue to learn or the government should give them a break from school or still allowed them to learn? Beause the Covid-19 active cases is on the rise and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Well, that is what we coming to talk about in this article, let's dig in...

In our opinion, the government of Ghana should close down schools as Easter approaches. One of the reasons why the government should do that is to allow the students to celebrate the Easter festival with their parents or guardians. It's been a long time some students get to see their parents or guardian especially those in the tertiary and secondary schools. By doing so, it gives the students some relive and some pressure at least taken off, the mind also needs rest.

On the other hand too, the government should close down schools because of the Covid-19 rise in the country. Students in schools especially, the tertiary and secondary students will want to go out to pubs and any entertainment place to have fun, who knows, by so doing, they may end up contracting the virus. And I guess we'll know how fast the virus can go.

In our opinion, we have express some of the ways to curb the Covid-19 cases in school as the Easter festival approaches.

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