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Are teachers benefiting from their UNIONS

Teaching is a profession which is acquired through training in various accredited institution. Is a profession which every one will like to venture into. Every profession pass through the training of teacher, such as Lawyers, president, Doctors and so on. In Ghana teachers are regarded as second parent of every going school children in the sense that teachers spend much time with students than biological parents.

A clear example is this covid era where countries went on lock down to prevent the spread of the virus. Parents appreciated the efforts of teachers because parents now spend much time with students.

With all these sacrifice from teachers, their various UNIONS has done little to ensure that teachers get a deserve enumeration from government of the day.

Teachers deserve better than this, UNIONS should wake up from their sleep and fight for members and stop licking the buttocks of politicians.

UNIONS such GNAT, NAGRAT, etc should elect leaders that are to lead the people but not vice versa.

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