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So Pathetic, See What Two University Students Were Caught Doing In Their Hostel At Night (Photos)

It is a known fact that some female students do date their lecturers, and sometimes those students will turn aggressive when they spot any other student that comes closer to the lecturer they are dating.

The lecturer whom the two students fought because of him stated that:, "Ever since I started lecturing, I have tried so much to be friendly and a nice man. Of all the lecturers in our department, am rated as the one who dresses well, and this drew girls to me", The Lecturer Said.

Furthermore, the lecturer said that "the two students needed his attention and he as ensured that he gave it to them, based on first come, first serve basis. This made the both of them began to quarrel with each other, And this brought about segregation in their class that resulted that their class was divided into groups. And each time they fight, their classmates happens to be the ones to separate them", He Added.

More also, it was gathered that the two female students where best of friends, but they started having issues when the both of them was claiming ownership of their lecturer. The two girls no longer talk to each other, as it appears that they are now jealousy of each other, in spite of how close they were.

Meanwhile, it was said that after the school academic section ended, one of the girls did not make it to the rest level, because her result was very low. And this made her stop her academic.

Although the fight and quarrel this students had, disgraced the lecturer among other students, irrespective of the fact that he is in good terms with the student that passed her exam.

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