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Ending Suicide In Schools: A Renowned Professor Of Suicide Gives More Insight Into Leticia's Case

COVID-19 unknowingly came to the scene to disrupt most of our activities - creating a lot of devastations in the Ghanaian economic framework.

Fortunately for us, our Creator has fought for us to win favourably over the virus, since its inception in the country, as compared to other nations like United Kingdom, India, etc.

However, just as President Akufo-Addo usually opines that "we are not in normal times," many thought it soley related to the pandemic and its consequential bearings on us. But upon a critical look at that statement, it cuts across all facets of life.

Another issue creating a lot worries in our society currently, especially in schools is the escalating rate of suicide ideation and suicidal cases.

How and when they occur remain a mystery since it is usually associated with one's private decision and instinctive drive.

By the time you realized, an innocent student or pupil had taken his or her life in a very sad and troubling manner; with or without leaving any note behind.

This really raises a lot of concerns as to whether the Guidance and Counseling Units in our basic, second-cycle and tertiary educational institutions are actually performing their tasks or not.

Efforts have been made by Social Work Practitioners, calling on the government to effectively integrate social workers into all the country's educational sectors, but nothing has been done about it.

If we have an appreciable number of Psychologists who work closely and effectively with social workers in these institutions, I am not sure we would be experiencing high rates of suicide now.

Following Leticia's sudden demise, several people and experts have given their divergent views and opinions on the case, coupled with the account of her family and friends.

What most people are waiting now is for experts in the field of suicide and psychological studies to give their comprehensive account on her case, and other cases that occurred previously.

United Television had the chance to get Prof. Joseph Osafo, who is a Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon with specialty in suicide and psychological studies to give his views on Leticia's case during the TV's news session this evening, May 19, 2021.

He emphatically disclosed that suicide has several triggering factors, and cannot be studied in isolation.

Before one could fully understand what actually influenced her to take her life, several hypothetical statements should be drawn.

First, it could be out of anxiety or emotional distress.

It could also mean that Leticia was having a very troubling moment with her friends, that constantly created a lot of discomforts whenever she was in school.

Prof. added that, as a young woman, she may be traumatized emotionally or psychologically, and since she possibly did not get an immediate professional help or support, she decided to it her own way, by carrying the burden solely.

Parents and families may also be one of the triggering factors. If the home is prone to constant conflicts or misunderstanding, it can create an inward feeling of unhappiness, trauma and uneasiness for the child.

It is however incumbent upon parents and guardians to create an very conducive and welcoming atmosphere at all times for their children to live a happy and fulfilled life.

The school also needs to regularly keep a critical eye of every student to ensure that they are free from suicidal thoughts and other dangerous ideations.

All stakeholders need to work collaboratively and effectively to end this troubling phenomenon in our society.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

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