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They Are Demons - Social Media Reacts To SHS Female Students Practicing Homosexuality

The moral decorum in our senior high schools is nothing to write home about as we keep hearing and seeing disgusting scenes and very troubling behaviors from the students and even some of the teachers.

It's not a surprise anymore the sheer moral bankruptcy we witness daily from our young students because of the lack of regulation in the information they consume and are exposed to daily even from mainstream media.

A video trending on social media spotted two female students practicing homosexuality in their school uniforms and it has raised a lot of concerns on social media.

Most social media users who saw the video blasted the young females and advised them to get closer to God to purge themselves from the demonic and evil spirits possessing them urging them to act strangely.

However, a small fraction of the social media blamed their act on parental negligence and lack of proper supervision.

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