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Five (5) ways to discipline children or students that will help them apart from using cane.

Sometimes Teachers are being criticized for the kind of punishments they give to students.

A final year Senior High School student was canned on the back which got the public attention, as a result we have taken our time to suggest five alternative ways a teacher can punish or discipline the child when they go against the school laws.

#1. Give them plenty assignments with limited time to submit; teachers should give comprehensive assignments to students who misbehave. The assignment should be on a subject such student hate or don't like, in this way it will help both the teacher and the student.

#2. Do presentation to the rest of the class;

Students should be tasked to go and prepare something new that will be beneficial to the the whole to teach the whole class. When this is done, it will help the student to learn something new and would not repeat his or her actions next time. The task should be challenging but achievable.

#3. Cleaning

Students should be asked to clean the classrooms and the school compounds. When the offense is big, then they should let them clean the school toilets and bathrooms.

#4. Change of sitting place;

Some students are being influenced by their friends, the only way to solve such problem is to change their sitting places for them especially when lessons are going on. It will help them concentrate as they might not be familiar with new sitting mates.

#5. Fill a whole exercise book;

In order to improve the handwriting of a student through disciplinary action, the student should be given one sentence to write on a whole book. For example; I will never do that again.

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