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Secondary Education


The Role Of Senior High School Board Of Governance

Conceding schools more self-governance over strategies and rehearses or the utilization of monetary assets 

gives them more freedoms to adjust to their particular necessities and neighborhood setting. In any case, its advantages depend onthe limit of schools to design viably and deal with their own turn of events, just as on how accountablethey are to guardians, nearby networks and instruction specialists. Frameworks of responsibility work to different degrees in all educational systems to watch that the devolution of dynamic from public to provincial/neighborhood specialists and schools themselves are working productively and viably. 

The participation of the school overseeing board in Ghana may differ in number from one 

region to the next. The numbers range from at least seven to limit of eleven 

The barricade is made of agents from 

School head, School partner head, Teaching staff, Non-showing staff, Traditional position, Director of Education, Old understudy, Parent-Teacher Association Chair, Opinion Leader. 


The school administering body has vested forces to guarantee powerful and proficient administration of 

the school. As such the work of the administering body is to advance the wellbeing of the school to guarantee that the students at the school get the best training. 

Elements of the School Governing Board 

I. advance the wellbeing of the school and endeavor to guarantee its improvement through the arrangement of value training for all students at the school. 

ii. Receive a constitution 

iii. build up the statement of purpose of the school 

iv. receive a set of principles for students at the school 

v. support the head, teachers and other staff of the school in the exhibition of their expert capacities 

vi. decide seasons of the school day reliable with any material states of work of staff at the school.

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