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Ghana Education System And The Future Of The Youth

For every nation to develop, it's human resources and natural resources should be effectively utilize to achieve this goal. For the human resources to develop it solely depends on the education system provided by the country to it's youth.

It's time we had a very hard conversation about Ghanaian education, the future of the youth, and whether we think the current trajectory by WAEC will lead to future forward education for the next generation.

If you asked me, this hard conversation should also involve the future of our tertiary education. The new types of jobs that are coming are not cocoa shop clerks, store clerks or shell fuel depot managers.

They involve much more analytic stuff and the creation and knowledge of skills that require acumen built from apprenticeship and craft, and not the regurgitation of routine activity.

We have to evolve and create new standards and follow through these in our education. For example, there is no standard accreditation system or testing system for plumbers in Ghana. Couple that with that fact that there are huge plumbing issues in almost every brand new building, which even leads to hydrological issues even in so-called "luxury apartments".

Spread it across to carpentry and masonry, fittings and even events and decor management, digital content management, etc.

we will realize that our education can be much more relevant than the big conveyor belt type factory that we call our education system, which is so bad that our children go in smart and come out so defective that they now believe in only exam questions and have very little comprehension or analytical skills in a world where routine is becoming mundane.

This isn't about politics, but about whether in 20 years we will have a competitive society or still be braying about the fact that Ghana is a land of rich resources and mighty talent, racial tolerance, justice and freedom (do you know that song?

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