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Ghana Education Service: All you Need to Know about CSSPS

Ghana Education Service: FaQs on CSSPS 

Ghana Education Service has released questions and answers on CSSPS that most Ghanaians are seeking to know.

Can I be enrolled into a school when I or a representative of mine is not present?

No. For enrollment to be successful, the school will need student’s ID, address and details of their parents or guardians, and phone number. 

Once a candidate or parent /guardian submits their forms to the school placed, the school uses the information provided on the forms to enroll the candidate. It is therefore not possible for a school to get all such personal information of a candidate without the candidate or representative being in the school.

Can a candidate with good grades miss out their first, second or all their choices?

Yes all spaces in the schools are competitively filled taking into consideration the available spaces(preferred residential status and program of choice). Hence, qualified candidates are ranked from the highest score to the lowest and the system will cut off when the spaces are exhausted. Those who did not get placement are then moved to their school of choice to compete for spaces there, and the process continues further down the chain.

A lot of the questions and answers on CSSPS can be found in the pictures in this article.

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