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Secondary Education


The state of junior high school education in Ghana.

Junior high school is the middle stage between the primary and senior secondary education. Teachers teaching at this stage in Ghana are living in frustration because they have no idea what to teach the form one students. A common core programme which was to be organised by the Ghana Education Service(GES) to train these teachers on the new curriculum has been postponed indefinitely leaving the teachers in frustration and a state of confusion. These teachers are now teaching the pupils based on their whims and caprices instead of a clearly defined curriculum and syllabus. Again these pupils have only a week to vacate meanwhile they haven't write a single examination although they have spent twenty-one weeks in school. According to the authorities these pupils are not writing any exams this semester, so the teachers and headteachers are to promote them to form two based on only classroom assessments and the second semester examination if there would be any.Where is our education heading? Judge it yourself. Your comments are welcome

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